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    scamb (Sonntag, 05 Februar 2012 19:06)

    juhuuu isch jo hammer!!! thanks für dia geniali homepage =) finda alles super, evt könnti ma no aswo üsa zirkel/wappa "verewiga"? ;-) bis bald!

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    Djamila (Sonntag, 05 Februar 2012 20:46)

    juhuu supper!!

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    Pacif-x (Donnerstag, 09 Februar 2012 17:19)

    he kallito so guät! Isch super cho. Und t Idee vor Djamila findi au ganz guat...

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Donnerstag, 11 April 2013 18:35)

    This post was in fact precisely what I had been searching for!

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